Oh My

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Craftster, but it’s a great all-purpose crafting site. Basically any craft you can think of is represented on the site. I’ve mostly used the forums, and done a little swapping. The nice thing is that you can ask for advice, or post pictures and get praise, or try to get information about starting a new craft. There are tons of helpful people out there. (Of course, you can also… give advice, give praise on others’ projects, and provide information.)

So yesterday, I popped into the Quilting section and posted pictures (and description) of  the black and white quilt I posted yesterday. I had posted pictures of it a while ago when someone was asking about doing a black and white quilt, and people loved it then (before it was “improved” with all that cute polka dot fabric).

Well, last night, I checked in, and oh my goodness. It is so popular! So popular, in fact, that it is the most popular thread on the site right now.  1014 people have looked at it. There are 3 pages (!) of comments. And, it shows up on the front page! (Click on the picture below to view a larger version.)

Craftster Screenshot - check out that second project from the left

How cool is that? I was really hoping for some feedback on Flickr, and I’ve gotten none. I’ve also received nothing about the dress I was debating yesterday, so I think I might post it on Crafster and see if I can get some input there.

The internet is pretty cool sometimes.

Oh, did I mention I’m an aunt again? No details, just… very early morning baby, without being induced (photo sent at 3:30 am). We’re going to meet him tonight, so I should have pictures to share tomorrow.

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  1. I know it’s a .bmp. I did a PrintScreen, and that’s what it does. The software won’t convert it for me. 🙁 I tried. I know it’s lame.

    Yes, Craftster comments are in general all about the love. Really, I’ve almost never heard a discouraging word over there. Much happier place than… other comment-driven sites/forums.

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