I don’t have pictures

And so I’m not going to talk about all the stuff I did last week while I was on Spring Break. Maybe tomorrow, if I bring the memory card. Actually, I probably did enough stuff to post every day this week something with pictures. Hrm.

On Baby Watch 2009, there is still no baby. When last visited the doctor, her body wasn’t ready to give birth. Like, not at all. She was, obviously, quite sad and frustrated with this, since she wants the baby out. Now. Thankfully, they have settled on a name (or so tells me). She visits the doctor again tomorrow, and is hoping for better news. (She’s 39 weeks, or maybe 40, right now.)

I’ve been trying to eat healthier (like for the last week or so), and consume fewer calories (which I’m not good at, not at all), since I don’t have time to work out (yes, we went one day last week, because it was Spring Break, but I don’t think those 30 minutes on the weights machines burned very many calories). So I’ve been having Yoplait Light yogurt and some Babybel cheese for lunch. Add to that my Carnation Instant Breakfast, and I’m starving by 3:30 or 4 (because that’s like, 500 calories, at most?). Which makes me a bit grouchy sometimes. And, well, at some point it all falls apart. Like at 7:30 last night when I ate the last 2 brownies. Oops.

So now, I’ll go back to my yogurt. Sigh.