(Yet another late “Thankful” post, because I was at home yesterday and didn’t think about blogging at all. I know, so irresponsible of me.)

Yesterday/today, I’m thankful for…

… sleeping in and snuggling with kitties.

… time to do nothing (= soap opera watching + knitting for 3 hours on the couch).

… another showing of our house, and knowledge that the people who were interested still are (trying to be upbeat about this, because I’m tired of cleaning and being gone, and …. but on the bright side it means we might sell our house sometime this decade, so that’s something to be thankful for, not complain about).

… the new dress code at work (jeans on Fridays!). I know I posted about this last week, but I’m still excited about it.

… my health. I’ve got several sick co-workers, and am quite glad that I am not. Thank goodness for flu shots, daily multivitamins, and good genes (because I think that last one is mostly to credit for the fact that I never get sick).

… mental health days.

… grocery delivery services [link removed]. Need I say more?

… the new nephew who will be born soon (still haven’t heard any dates yet).

… clean, drinkable water. 1.1 billion people (or more) don’t have access to this [link removed].

… frozen pizza. What did we do before it was invented?

… that annoying co-workers are leaving soon.

… Daffodil Days [link removed], where for a $10 donation to the American Cancer Society, I can have lots of yellow flowers to cheer up my house.

… the free time at work this week to clean off my desk and rid it of clutter. I can breathe a bit better now.

… finished crafting projects (pictures later). I feel so productive!

… a week off from homework. I love Spring Break! It is just what I needed.

How about you?