Monday Mosaic

MM 3.9.2009
Monday Mosaic 3.9.2009

Can you tell I’m ready for spring?

Daylight Saving is nice because it stays light out so much later now – we were almost late for our dinner reservation last night because it sure didn’t seem like 6pm. Alas, the bit of sunlight I was beginning to see on my way to work has been swallowed by the time change. It won’t show up again until the first week of April. Bummer.

We had another showing for our house. Our Realtor has been MIA the last few days, so we’re not really sure what’s going on. The flowers I bought last Saturday (back in February) for a showing are still looking gorgeous – the best $3.99 I ever spent on flowers. No kidding. White Gerber daisies, a dozen of them, going strong.

It is Spring Break, so I have less homework this week, some time to get caught up and hang out with friends, and so forth. I might have to play hookey on Thursday or Friday, because it really doesn’t seem like Spring Break when you still work 40 hours.

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  1. Kelly
    1. I’m definitely ready for spring. March is the longest month ever in Minnesota.
    2. Gerber daisies rule, although they require a ton of water. I have a flower I got for my birthday (2008) that is still flowering.
    3. Think warm tomorrow because it’s going to be brrrr.

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