Vintage on Etsy

For those of you in the know, Etsy is, like, the most fabulous place ever to buy handmade goods of just about any kind. It’s great for supplies, too (and I’ve had much better customer service than when buying from eBay), though Etsy didn’t really want to be about that. It also didn’t want to be about Vintage items, but it definitely is, and it’s a huge category. Tons of awesome stuff there (that I’ll never buy, because I don’t live in a flea market). I got an awesome vintage owl mug, if that proves to you how cool the vintage selection really is. (For some reason, all the cool kids like owls and mushrooms. I don’t really get it, but I never said I was cool, either.)

As I was updating my favorites today, I came across a few that have been listed there for… a year? Probably less, but definitely a long time. (Curious what my favorites are? They’re over there –> in the sidebar.) There are some vintage Pyrex bowls that match the set we have (which is sadly a set of 2 and not of 3), and I love the ones we have. They were ‘s, so I’m assuming they were his mom’s or something like that. At any rate, they’re brown and white with a floral pattern that isn’t too girly, and I adore them. I can get some additional bowls (including another one of the smallest size, which is perfect for so many cooking tasks) on Etsy. I’m sure I could get them on eBay too, and I know I saw one at a thrift store once (and didn’t buy it – why, oh why, didn’t I, because the next time I came back, it was gone), but I really do like the sellers on Etsy better and the way they seem to really care about customer relations (unlike people on eBay, if you’ve had any experience with less-than-perfect items).

So today, as I was sorting through the stuff, I figured something out. I know the perfect way to celebrate the news (which is not here yet, but one can hope that in the next… six months it will come) that we’ve sold our house. I will buy the bowls. For the new house.

Of course, I’m pretty sure there will be some jumping up and down as well, but… bowls make a pretty good celebration, too.

How would you celebrate?