3x Thursday

  1. Do you have health insurance? If so, what’s it thru (job, spouse, etc)? Is it decent? If not, do you have a real need for it? I have pretty decent health insurance. I would say it’s “great,” but it was a lot better when I started working here 6 years ago (lower co-pays, more coverage, etc). It’s through my work, and we’re union (a pretty large one at that). We transferred ERIC over to be on my policy because what he had through work wasn’t good (which is about what you can expect from a very small company.
  2. Do you have a job right now? If you do, lucky you! If not, how long have you been out of work, and what are you looking to do? How do you feel about the economy and finding a job sooner than later? Yes, I do. Thankfully, my job is pretty safe, or at least the idea of remaining employed. I’m pretty low on the totem pole as far as seniority goes, so if the positions of people above me get eliminated (the state does have a pretty big budget deficit right now, which generally means cutting positions as well as other things), someone can “bump” me from my job. Thankfully, I can then “bump” someone in a lower class, which means I’d be making less pay and would probably be working in a different office (you can bump anyone a certain distance from your current position – 30 miles maybe?), but I’d still be employed.
  3. What’s your housing situation in this current ‘crap for an economy’? Have you lost your house, or have you been able to keep a roof over your head and not get into economic trouble? Our housing situation is fabulous, all things considered. True, we want to sell it, and that has been very difficult, but on the bright side we’re totally able to make the payments because our interest rate is low and our payments are too, and we’re able to save on the side (which is something we won’t be able to do as much of when we buy a larger house). I do know of people who’ve lost their homes, which is really sad. Thankfully, I think both of my parents own their homes outright, so there’s no need to worry about their situations (both are employed, but you never know).

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  1. I thought when you bumped them you still made your current wage regardless of what the new position was?

  2. That’s not my understanding of it, but I haven’t actually experienced it before, so I could be totally wrong. I was in the situation where I was slated to be bumped, but the person either chose a different position to take or retired early.

    That’s the real problem right now (for us younger employees, anyway). I have lots of co-workers who are well past the retirement age but continue to work because 1) they love their job (that’s good), or 2) they can’t afford to retire in this economy. It’s hard to gain seniority when no one leaves and there’s a hiring freeze. After 6 years here, I’m 4th from the bottom on a list of 40 in my class.

  3. Yeah, it never happened to me either when I was working for the state. Good luck. I hope you don’t end up with any problems 🙁

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