There’s a very good reason my back hurts

It’s because I did a lot of sewing this weekend, and sewing is not particularly ergonomically-friendly. I also did a lot of knitting, so my hands and elbows hurt. However, the crick in my neck has finally (mostly) gone away, though a much larger pain appeared in my lower back yesterday, probably from all the compensating I did while I couldn’t turn my head left.

But, you probably didn’t pop over here to hear me complain about weird muscle things.

I got some work done on the Mini Quilt swap. I can’t show you too much, but here’s a sneak preview.

I made some triangle squares...
...which turned into pinwheels!

Plus, I finally got around to taking some pictures of the pillowcases I made for (who won them back in, like, November or something). They’re not exactly what she specified (I was trying to not buy more fabric), but they turned out great and I love them.

Pillowcases for Susan's kids

I’ll post a better picture once she gets them, but it could be a while, since she hasn’t sent me her address yet (hint, hint).

This, however, is what I’m most proud of. I made a tablecloth! And 6 napkins! I gushed all about it on Flickr, so just click on the picture to get the whole story.

New tablecloth and napkins

And lastly, I finished this bit of embroidery last week. Actually, I finished two (and am almost done with the very last Sunbonnet Sue “Chores”), but the other one hasn’t been photographed yet.

Sunbonnet Sue - Chores - Laundry

Is it any wonder I’m tired? (Plus, I did homework from about 5:30 until 10 pm on Friday night, with a break for dinner. Less than fun, but nice to have a mostly free weekend and two free weeknights.) Actually, though the tablecloth was a bit challenging math-wise, and was a bit painful (large things are just… awkward to sew sometimes), it wasn’t actually hard. All straight lines. I think I’ll write up a tutorial for it once I get a picture of it on our table. And the embroidery is done mostly while commuting. And the pinwheels… tiny, but fun. Chain piecing. Couldn’t be easier (well, OK, I could have made them much larger, but where’s the fun in that?).