On Finding a New Home

Exciting news yesterday, in that someone might possibly be interested in our house. I shouldn’t blab about that too much, lest I jinx it and ruin the whole thing. Nevertheless, it is exciting for there to be some interest, because we haven’t had that yet. After a showing, almost all of the responses to the question “is the buyer interested?” were “not at all.” Hard to get excited to look at houses in that instance. We had been looking, when we first put the house on the market. I went into the website today to update our “favorites” and saw that every single one of our previous favorites were sold or off the market. So yeah, glad we weren’t too thrilled with any of them and didn’t have our hearts set on one.

137 houses matched my search parameters, and let me tell you, that is a lot of houses to look at. I started getting blurry-eyed and not caring about 2/3rds of the way through. Here are some things I’ve noticed:

  • Builders must really like to make 1 or 2 bedrooms up, 1 or 2 bedrooms down homes, because they make up… 80% of the market. I swear, it is ridiculously hard to find a house that I like that also has 3 bedrooms on the same level.
  • While some rooms can look really nice with wood paneling (the nice newer stuff, not that 70’s stuff my parents removed from the house I grew up in), photographs of these rooms always look dark and dismal.
  • Red paint can look very nice in a house (‘s house, for example). However, I do not want to buy your house with a red-painted wall or room. The amount of paint required to cover that up (because I really don’t want to live with it) is painful to think about. Likewise for the bright turquoise bathroom I saw.
  • I really wish more people de-cluttered before taking pictures of their homes. Seriously distracting.
  • On that note, I wish more people would include more than 2 pictures of their home. Do you really want to sell it? One case in particular sounded nice, but only had one photo, and had been on the market something like 270 days. I don’t think they really want to sell the place. 2 photos doesn’t really interest me enough to come see the house.
  • It is truly unfortunate that the house style I find cutest (and most lovable) is the bungalow, because those all have 1 bedroom up and 2 down. So sad.
  • A word about pools and outdoor spas: don’t. You are immediately rejected if you have one of these. I want nothing to do with the upkeep and liability of those things. I would like a yard, thank you very much. I’m tempted to reject the homes that have jacuzzis indoors somewhere, but let’s not be too critical at this point.
  • There was a time when we were cool with buying a fixer-upper. That time was about 6 months ago. If we get into a situation where it’s a short sale, I’m really interested in something that is move-in ready. I’m still interested in something that could use some work, but the place has to be livable (and preferably not need $50,000 worth of repairs).

So… send positive thoughts/prayers/vibes our way on the home front. For our part, we’re trying to be very agreeable to what the potential buyers have requested (at this point). Fingers crossed!

Editor’s note: yes, I realize that we could go through this “interested, making an offer, buying a different house instead” process several times before actually selling the house. I’d like to not have to, but the reality is what it is. I can still, however, be excited that there was some interest. Any interest at all is good, don’t you think?