By the Hand of Thor!*

I gave blood today, because it’s a good thing to do, because I can, and because it’s needed. But lordy, if I wasn’t so convinced that it was so important, I really wouldn’t go back. Today was truly painful. Epic. Took 3 people to get the needle in the vein, which, let me tell you, hurts an awful lot, just… digging around in there. I almost cried. Seriously, it hurt that much.


Partners have been assigned for Doll Quilt Swap 6, so now I have to go sleuthing through someone’s Flickr account and reading his/her blog to try to figure out what would make him/her happy. (Partners are supposed to be a secret, so I’m not going to go blabbing it here.) It’s good, because I totally ran out of blogs to read (except for what comes through my reader). My “Blogs to Read” bookmark folder is empty. My toolbar (where I keep track of where I am in someone’s archives) is empty too. It’s been so… boring on the internet lately.

I was on baby back-up this weekend while was out of town. My sole job was to answer my phone if called and promptly arrive at her house to babysit while she gave birth. But, since she’s still about 3 weeks away from her due date and is getting induced (like last time), there was little chance of that happening. We’re hoping this birth will be easier than the last (and I say we because I’m slightly traumatized by her experience, and there are other people who’d like me to be OK with the idea of birthing kids, which is not planned for years, but whatever).

Now I have to drink the rest of my free water, and eat my free fruit snacks and Lorna Doone. I paid a pretty high price for them, so I felt it was OK to take a few snacks with me.

*Compliments of Anchorman, a truly awesome movie.