No net gain of free time

Well, classes have been canceled due to the crazy snow storm (visibility downtown is about 2 blocks right now), which is good, because I was going if we were having class – there’s a test tonight and a paper due (which I stayed up late to write last night). But, the roads are so bad (one co-worker lives 10 minutes away and it took her an hour to get home, which does not bode well for those of us who live further away) that I don’t think I will actually gain any free time tonight. Oh well. Maybe a little. However, we’re moving date night to Saturday this week so that we can go out and do… something (depending on the weather, perhaps a little fun in the snow), so that means that I have a bunch of homework to get done Friday night, so maybe I’ll just capitalize on the extra time tonight.

I have a splitting headache, again, for about the fourth afternoon in a row. No fun, I tell ya. My neck still hurts too, though I’ve been icing it on and off since last night and it has improved somewhat. I now have a more normal range of motion. I wonder if the two are related….

Since so many of my co-workers live far away from the office, the place is clearing out pretty fast. I wonder if ‘s work has sent him home – they do that sometimes. Guess I’ll find out when I get home. Those of us who take the bus, however, are still here. So that means… three of us.

I did manage to complete a major task in the background of this blog today, something I’ve been working on for months. Now every post has one and only one category that it is filed under. Woo-hoo! The next step is to see if I can categorize some of the 800+ posts in the “uncategorized” category. I added two new categories just to try to help out. Slowly, but surely.