Just when I thought I was going to have to turn in my “elected official interview” paper late (because none of the elected officials I had contacted had gotten back to me, and I was led to believe I wouldn’t hear back from the city council until Thursday, when the paper is due), I received a response from a council member answering my questions. Yay! Of course, this means that tonight when I get home from class (around 10 pm), I have to write said paper. But, that’s OK. I think it’s just a 2-3 page paper, the first half being an overview of the interview and the second half a reflection. I don’t have the assignment handy, so I’m not sure, but it seems easy enough. The hard part was supposed to be getting the interview (and it was).

Tonight in class (which starts in 7 minutes), I have to give a mini presentation on one of the readings, which seems to make a lot of people nervous. Not me (though no promises that I won’t turn tomato red – can’t control that).

I am, however, anxious for this day to be over. I have had a terrible crick in my neck all day. I can’t turn my head left. At all. Makes driving, specifically changing lanes, quite difficult and/or painful. I’d like to go to bed and wake up and it to be gone. I’ve tried a heating pad and Advil, to no help. And now I’m out of Advil. But, only another, what, 5 hours of the day? I can do that.

[If I didn’t have class tonight, I’d so be getting a massage right now. Alas, school is more important than a bit of muscle pain.]