And the beat goes on…

My apologies if the blog has been a bit boring lately. I’ve been working on stuff in the background, getting tags and categories cleaned up, links corrected, etc, which is terribly boring, and consequently I haven’t felt motivated to write.

Last night I wrapped up what I could on the messenger bag. I also ordered the webbing I need for the strap, so I can’t do anything else until it arrives. But, the only steps left are to attach the strap, sew the lining to the bag, and then some decorative top-stitching. I can’t figure out what the instructions are telling me to do for attaching the lining, but I’ll figure it out at some point.

I did write a post on Monday, but then decided I couldn’t post it. Bummer.

Let’s see…

I’m reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s (borrowed from the library), which is quite good. Very different from the movie, but in some aspects it’s word for word. Interesting. A short read, too, so if you’re looking for some light reading, I advise picking it up. I’m about 2/3rds done. The best part is that the Prince of Brazil, Jose, has a last name in the book (which isn’t mentioned in the movie) that is fabulous. He’s Brazilian, so his name is Jose Yberra, but his mother was German, so it’s hyphenated, Yberra-Jaeger. Maybe not funny to you, but to me it is.

Apparently the open house went well, with 7 parties passing through, which includes a few sets of neighbors who want to sell their units this year. To them I say, good luck! There was also a showing (during the open house – weird, I know), and they were the only people who might have been interested. Our Realtor thinks we should do another one in a few weeks. I would like to be able to garden in the ground this summer, and it’s not planting season here in Minnesota until Memorial Day, so that might be a possibility, but I’m not making plans.

More fabric arrived at my house last night (I know, I know – but the February budget was blown on, like, the 5th, so I already had a “why not” attitude about it), which was exciting. More short cuts from JCaroline [link removed], including a lime and brown stripe that I had designated to be part of a tablecloth and just hadn’t purchased, and now it’s not available anymore, so I had to buy what I could (and I’ll have plenty, enough to make napkins too). So pretty, and now it’s all washed and ironed (but not photographed or folded and put away).

I also cut up the charm squares for the second Mini Quilt in a Bag swap. My partner sent me Sweet [link removed], and I had a plan, which I then had to revise when I read that I was supposed to use a bit of every single print. Oops. Good thing I hadn’t cut anything out. So, I spent some time yesterday doing math and charting it all out. I think there will still be some revisions that I need to make, but I haven’t cut all the fabric out yet, so there’s still wiggle room. I’m hoping to get the main “blocks” done this weekend so I can finish calculating the rest of it out. Don’t want to say too much, in case she drops in to take a peek here.

There was also a tiny bit of studying for tomorrow night’s test, which I’m not worried about (10/10 on the last one, and I’m the student in class who answers all the questions). I should have been writing a paper on my interview with an elected official, but all the ones I’ve contacted have ignored me. I think I’m going to have to be a co-worker to introduce me to the city council member she knows, and then beg him to answer the questions via email. I am anxious to get the paper I wrote back tonight, since it will be the first grade in my Historical Interpretation class. I feel like it was a bad paper, though I will probably get a decent grade, but you never know how a professor grades until that first one comes back.

If you’d like to look to the right, I added a little countdown to the end of the semester (aka Countdown to Hammock Time). I am looking forward to that very much. We’re at the point of the semester where I feel like I bit off more than I can chew, am not really interested in any of it, but it’s too late to drop out of any classes without financial and GPA consequences. So, plug on I will. And it will all be good in the end, but it’s a struggle for a bit. (That said, I have had a great deal of free time the last few days, which has been nice. I’m struggling with my online class, in that I’m not particularly fond of the professor at times, and I’ve turned in two papers that weren’t for credit, but for the online discussions he’s given me 20/25. Grades weren’t posted for the first one until after the second one was over, so then I could try to participate more, but obviously not soon enough to change my grade for the second one. It’s really annoying. But, he liked one of my comments on discussion 3 enough to comment on it, which he rarely does. So I feel like I’m all over the board with him.)

Lastly, today is the last day of the half dosage of Wellbutrin I’ve been on for the past 18 months. Tomorrow I start back on the 300 mg, which is very exciting. I have been sleeping better lately anyways, which is nice (there were a few weeks there that I wasn’t sleeping well or much, and that was rough). Plus, Spring Break is in two weeks, so that’s good.

And, to reward you for hanging on so long, here’s a pretty picture for you. These are my new earrings I bought on Etsy. They arrived on Monday, and I promptly wore them yesterday. So springy and cheerful! (She still has a few pair for sale if you hurry.) Her blog [link removed] is great too – one of my current favorites.