Return to Normal

Well, it seems that I’ve got things here at thee olde blog fixed, somehow. Or maybe they magically fixed themselves, because I certainly didn’t do anything that could really be classified as “fixing.” Whatever the case, I’m no longer getting continuous PHP errors, so it’s all good.

3:05 is a lovely time to be at work on a Friday afternoon. Seriously. Right now my work schedule is 7:30-4, so it means I have less than an hour left. But, today is different, and I get to leave at 3:30, which means that there are only 25 minutes of work left! See, 3:05 is lovely.

called me yesterday after her two babysitters canceled on her. They’re going to a Timberwolves game and apparently I’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t have plans. Or something like that. Alas, driving up to her house from mine is something I try to avoid like the plague during any type of “rush hour,” since it inevitably involves getting stuck in traffic either heading into the city or out of, depending on time of day. There’s really no winning. And unfortunately, there is a snowstorm predicted to arrive just in time to mess up the evening commute. What is normally an hour or hour and 15 minute drive will take… who knows how long. I’m hoping less than an hour and 45 minutes, which is what I’ve scheduled for. If things get very bad, I will call her from the road and we’ll work things out.

This is my first (!) solo babysitting opportunity with . How can that be? He’s over 2! I think it’s because is just 15 minutes away from him, and there are always youth group kids around who will babysit. And we live an hour and 15 minutes away. That must be it. Of course it couldn’t be that he doesn’t like me, because, as we all know, I am the coolest aunt ever. Who got him (OK, we got him) the best Christmas gift evar. You don’t even know.

Tonight, however, no gifts. Just a honking stack of homework for me. There are only 2 hours of awake time with him anyways, which leaves… 2-3 (hopefully) hours for homework. How long do Timberwolves games last? Add in driving back from … wherever the game is… and then me driving home… and I will be a very tired girl tomorrow. But, it’s definitely the last chance to babysit while he’s an only child. I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I’ve changed a diaper, though I can say the last one was ‘s. That’s comforting, right? So it has to be within the last 2 years….

Did I mention my sister is giving birth in less than 4 weeks?

We’re having an open house on Sunday, which is exciting. Hopefully someone will be interested, especially now after all the work we’ve done. If you thought maintaining a home was a big deal, just wait until you try to sell one. Yikes.

Think positive non-hazardous-road-conditions thoughts for me, OK?