Briefly (I promise)

There was, in fact, Strawberry Shortcake after dinner last night. Congratulations if that’s what you guessed (though no one commented, so I have no idea what you were all thinking). It was primo time, right after Valentine’s Day (so the strawberries were excellent). I got those and some Cool Whip (no, I didn’t make my own – I’m not made of time), and some puff pastry shells because that’s all I could find at the tiny grocery store I was at.

And they turned out delicious. Yum!

So did the chicken fettuccine alfredo, with rotisserie chicken from Cub and a jar of Alfredo from Ragu (or some such brand). Plus, I washed the dishes. Because I do actually appreciate the sacrifices makes and the ways he supports me as I go to school. And sometimes, you gotta do more than just say it. You gotta say it with food.