Ah, the complications of life

This winter, I’ve discovered several inconvenient facts of life that, taken alone, are fine, but when put together, make me a bit unhappy. For instance…

…winter is the best time to knit. However, winter is also when I have the most homework, and don’t have room in my bookbag to carry large knitting projects around with me.

…knitting is fun. However, knitting aggravates my tendinitis. Bummer.

…I’d like to bake bread in the winter. Can’t really find the time to do that between all the homework and… homework.

I’m also starting to crave outdoor time (more than just a quick walk to the mailbox), sunlight (it comes and goes around here, but we’ve had more recently, which is nice), sandals, and green grass. A vacation would be nice too, a little travel, but is out of the question until May (unless we take a quick trip over Spring Break). I’m just not that into winter sports and activities.

On the bright side, though my old doctor accidentally halved my dosage of Wellbutrin right after I got married, and the Canada program (by which I could get brand-name drugs for free) has been discontinued as of the end of 2008, my new doctor has agreed to give me a new prescription for the original dosage (generic, of course). I have roughly 10 days left of the old prescription, and then I’ll be taking the higher dosage. So basically, in less than 8 weeks, I’ll have much more energy and be much less tired. Coincidentally, there are 10 weeks until the end of the semester. Of course. (If you’re looking for the silver lining, it is that this summer, I will have almost 4 months of no homework and will have been fully restored to a proper chemical balance in my brain, thus allowing me to fully enjoy every single minute of homework-free time that I have.)

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  1. Kelly, I can say from experience there will be a winter when there’s mo more homework. At that time you may not know what to do with yourself. But it sounds like you have options.

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