Wonderful (and a Mosaic Monday)

Have I told you lately how wonderful is? I spent a majority of the weekend (and it was a 3-day weekend) doing homework. There were several hours spent cleaning on Sunday for a showing that didn’t happen (but there’s one tonight instead), and a trip to JoAnns (to reward myself for finishing my reading), and about an hour spent icing cookies (for which my co-workers are appreciative, and I’m glad those snowmen are no longer in my freezer). Oh, and sleep. But, seriously, there was a significant amount of time spent doing homework. Lots and lots of reading, and then when that was all done, a paper to write. This after last weekend, which was also homework-laden.

So after spending two hours Monday afternoon writing up an outline for the paper (on the importance of culture in the institution of racialized slavery in the New World – yay for historical interpretation), I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to just whip up the paper. There were all these rules that I haven’t had to follow since junior high, like having a topic sentence for each paragraph and a clear argument in the introduction and restated in the conclusion. I’d like to note that I don’t follow these rules, write excellent papers, and in my recent college history have gotten 100% on every single paper. But I digress.

That said, after dinner, I begged to go grocery shopping without me. For the second week in a row. And, because he’s oh-so-wonderful, he did. And then he went to the gym. And when he came home, I was still writing my paper. It took three hours. And I haven’t proofread it yet (which I never do, but will this time, because the professor is being quite a stickler and I really don’t want to be penalized for something stupid after I’ve spent all this time on it).

The reward in all of this weekend’s hard work (for me) is that I don’t have any homework to do tonight. I know I didn’t have to push myself so hard with the readings, but it is much less stressful for me to just get it done, instead of waiting for the last minute, and I knew that the paper wouldn’t go well if written in pieces. So tonight I have a bit of time. Fortunately, our house is still clean, because we have a showing this afternoon, with no time to stop at home to make sure the place looks OK.

And, of course, since I have a bit of time to spare after work (while waiting for the showing to finish), and has been wonderful, I’ve devised a marvelous reward for him as well. OK, not terribly spectacular, but I think he’ll like it nonetheless. And because I’m guessing he won’t read this until later (because he’s quite busy at work), I’ll post this teaser of my plans:

MM 2.17.2009
Reward for Prince Charming

Of course, if you go to the image in Flickr, you’ll be able to tell what they are, but if your name is , you probably shouldn’t. (And I should mention, I can’t take credit for any of the photos above, but if you go to Flickr you’ll see links to the original images and photographers, who have taken some beautiful shots.)

In the comments, please tell me what wonderful things someone else has done for you that you’d like to reward (even if you don’t really have the time or money or resources necessary to reward them properly). I’d like to hear about all the good things that are going on in this world for a change.