Confession: I love carbs. Adore them. They make me happy. I think the sugar types are my favorite, but grains in cracker form are right up there too. And bread, oh, bread, how wonderful you are. I’m quite fond of a few veggies too, like carrots and corn. Potatoes and white rice, while being nutritionally lacking, are delicious, and very, very filling if you are hungry.

Does it seem odd to you that, out of the blue, I would wax poetically about carbs? Well, it’s not so out of the blue, really. That whole thing about my pants not fitting? Well, buying new pants technically fixed the problem, but not really. And since realistically I won’t be spending much (if any) time at the gym until the semester is over (and even if I was, diet and exercise are supposed to go together), I really should be more careful about what I eat.  And for various reasons, I’m pretty sure a high-protein low-carb diet would be beneficial for me to try (including that it would better regulate blood sugar and therefore be more effective at getting rid of the extra smooshiness I have at my waist due to PCOS).

But it doesn’t really matter how many times I figure out that it would be a good thing for me to try, how many studies or examples or whatever I come across, because I truly adore carbs. On a blog I read, the author was talking about her love of carbs and her PCOS, and her switch to a high-protein low-carb diet. Her motivation, despite her love, is that she desperately wants another child and thinks that better regulating her body will help with her infertility. Now, if I had motivation like that, I can see giving up carbs (or cutting back, actually, since carbs still are the energy of life). But, I don’t. I have no desire to have a kid right now. And let me tell you, it’s hard to be motivated by a single pant size when sugary snacks and crackers are oh-so-yummy.

So can someone please convince me that carbs are not delicious? Or that protein is? I’d love some good ways to eat cold protein in my lunch at work (because tuna fish and cold chicken salad can only go so far, and I am not going near those microwaves here at work, regardless of what you say). Shouldn’t there be a delicious way to eat legumes in a salad of sorts?

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  1. This will not be helpful. It is true, but not helpful.

    Your brain runs on carbs, and carbs alone. In fact, if you deprive yourself of all types of carbs, your body will break down fat in such a way as to create the sugar your brain needs, but will slowly poison you (ketoacidosis, most often seen in diabetics who have PLENTY of sugar, but no way to utilize it). I’m sure you wouldn’t deprive yourself of carbs enough to make yourself sick, but it is great to know when you are staring at a cupcake. It’s brain food, right?

    PS Beans are great on salads. There are even “salad bean” mixes at the co-op.

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