Week 5

It is week 5 of the “spring” semester, and I am beat. We spent a good portion of the weekend painting over some murals in our house, hoping that some buyer would walk through and fall in love with the plain walls (since no one had fallen in love with the forest or anime shadow).  There will be open houses in the near future, something our Realtor vehemently opposes but thinks is necessary in today’s market.

One of the murals was in the bedroom, so sleep was not the greatest. And Friday night was ‘s company party, which was fun, but tiring too. Saturday I managed to squeeze in a desperately-needed haircut and massage (the effects of the latter were short-lived – I spent part of last night icing my neck for some relief), and the ever-present homework. Since the house smelled like paint and furniture was moved, I chose to do my homework at Caribou and Starbucks this weekend, which was fun, in a boring homework sort of way.

We didn’t do our grocery shopping on Sunday night like we usually do, partly because we didn’t finish painting until nearly 8 and were exhausted. Did I mention we finished getting the ice off of our driveway too?

Last night, after dinner we put the house back together. I collapsed onto the bed and started to read over two hours worth of material on our state’s political parties’ platforms. Bo-ring, but also informative. And, at times, amusing. There was a point, however, when I had a headache, and it was late, and I really wanted chocolate and didn’t want to go grocery shopping. I was on the verge of becoming very cranky. And so, my knight in shining armor rode in, saving the day. He went and did the grocery shopping without me, buying me exactly what I asked for, and bringing home chocolate ice cream loaded with brownie bits. Heaven, I tell you.

Unfortunately, my one big homework task for the week, an outline for a research paper on foreign policy, is still undone, and due sometime Friday evening (and tonight is my only free night before then). I really would like to go home and sleep, because I am getting grouchy and easily annoyed. I have absolutely no inspiration for this paper. I’m supposed to pick a topic or geographic location or something, with focus, and then write 3/4 of a page of outline. I don’t even know where to start. My only thought was to do something on genocide, because I’ve already done research on that back when I used to work at the church (yes, it was relevant to junior high youth group, trust me). But I can’t seem to find the right foreign-policy angle. Maybe it will come to me, maybe I’ll need to pick a new topic. Hopefully I can get to bed before 11 (I’d love to get to bed around 8:30, but I highly doubt that will happen).

But, to leave you with something to make you smile, I did finish two more Sunbonnet Sue “chores” squares in the last week while riding the bus or watching the evening news.

Sunbonnet Sue, as I was joking with one of my classmates, only does “appropriate womanly things,” like ironing. Appropriate, that is, if it’s 1920. I still think she’s cute.

Sunbonnet Sue - Chores - Ironing

She does have some time for fun, though, spent mostly hanging out with her dog.

Sunbonnet Sue - Chores - Reading

They’re only 5 1/2″ square, so they stitch up pretty fast. I wish there were more squares of her with a cat, but most have her dog in them instead. Oh well. Only 6 left, and then the Sam and Sue alphabet. I think I’ve got an idea for a quilt layout forming….