Mosaic Monday

This week’s mosaic is based on the 25 Random Things list I wrote over on Facebook (you know, the new love of my life). You can either try to guess my 25 things, or if you’re on FB, you can hop over there and just read them. An interesting interpretation of the meme, to say the least…. This is the first time I’ve done a Monday mosaic using only my own pictures, and it was a bit hard to find ones that represented my answers sometimes (for example: #24 was about blogging, but I have absolutely no pictures about blogging or computers or being geeky, so I had to resort to this picture I took that I intended to blog about).

MM 2.9.2009 (25 Random Things)
25 Things

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    1. Thanks, Bill! It’s very exciting for a non-popular blogger such as myself! I see you get noticed quite frequently. Must be because you have real content on your site. 🙂

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