Sometimes, I’m wrong.

I have a confession to make. I used to be quite indignant about Facebook. Granted, I knew nothing about it, and in my mind it was something akin to MySpace, which is an abomination on the face of the internet. and both wanted me to join, for who knows what reason. But no one else had ever mentioned it to me, and there was very little buzz on the internet (that I saw, at least, and I get around) about it, so I basically ignored its existence, quite self-righteously so.

Then, , for whom I’d do almost anything (I did, after all, drive halfway across the country for her wedding), sent me an email that said (paraphrasing):

subject: i miss you.

And I have been thinking about you lately. Hope you guys are doing well. …you should join Facebook…just saying. =) I can’t believe how many people I’ve caught up with that I thought I would never talk to again. I keep hoping that I will see you there one day.

And not five minutes later I was signed up. Man, I’m a pushover. And then as I started exploring the site, I realized that it is, in fact, quite wonderful, and not at all like MySpace. There’s been all this buzz about it lately too, in the local paper and so forth…. Apparently my demographic is the one for whom it’s most popular, which makes sense. (In my defense, both and never update their statuses and are only minimally active on Facebook, unlike most of my other “friends.” If I’d done it for them, I’d be sorely disappointed.)

said it’s designed for people like me, by which he meant, those who are obsessive and like to collect things and do all sorts of silly, ridiculous, unimportant things. He’s entirely true in a certain respect, because there are those aspects to Facebook. But there’s also the aspect of getting to keep in touch (easily) with my aunts and uncles (who were on it long before I was), and getting back in touch with my old youth pastor, someone I worked with in Arizona, and high school friends.

And so, I’m addicted. Somehow, not 24 hours after signing up, I had, like, dozens of friends. Let’s be clear. I’ve never had more than a handful of friends at a time in my entire life. But all these people wanted to be my friend, and I vaguely remembered them from college…. I’ve since become more discerning and either ignored or removed some, because let’s be honest, if we’ve never actually had a conversation, we’re probably not friends.

So, if you’re on Facebook, here’s how you can find me [link removed].

And if you’re not on Facebook (*ahem* , ), you really should be.

So, to recap: I was wrong. Facebook is awesome. That is all.

3 Replies to “Sometimes, I’m wrong.”

  1. Just a question, is my running person a man or a woman. It has short hair, and it’s too small to see if it has ::ahem:: a female figure. (Even with the awesome zooming capabilities of the mac.)

  2. Your running person is a girl, Liz. Trust me. The original image, which was much larger, made it easier to tell. I think she’s wearing a very supportive top, or is built like me, because her figure is quite… slim. 🙂

  3. The only reason I suggested that you sign up in the first place was to see pictures and videos of Grant. It was a regrettable suggestion, since you screamed “NEVER!” and chased me away with a flail 😛

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