Winter Goals Update

It’s about time for an end-of-January update for how I’m progressing on my winter goals, right?

  • I’ve tried brussel sprouts. They were pretty good (I used this recipe [link removed]). I’m going to make them again, roasted this time (which is what most of the internet claims is the best way to do it). I also tried a pear, which I didn’t enjoy. Still on the list: beets.
  • Didn’t modify something from the thrift store drawer in January, so that was a fail.
  • The plecostamus still lives with us.
  • I did go through my closet and dressers and set aside a stack of clothes I either no longer like or no longer fit. I didn’t really do much with the pile, but they’re not hanging up or in the dressers anymore, so it’s a start.
  • The kitchen cabinets were reorganized right after the first when we went to the Container Store and bought some storage bins.
  • No new hobbies.
  • Under the bed – still not clean.

And life goals:

  • Two days into the semester I realized that my goal of working out was not going to happen. So I just let it go. Haven’t been since the 6th of January. Don’t really feel bad about that. I think I’ll be lucky if I make it more than once a month. As a result, I’ve been trying to watch what I eat a little more, and have lost 3 whole pounds. 12 more to go (in an ideal world, that is).
  • I’ve been very good about only getting something hot to drink at work no more than twice a week (and one week, only once!). I think this has contributed some to my weight loss, as well as keeping my wallet fuller.
  • For the most part, I’ve been drinking more water, though I have had a few days when I was unsuccessful. I’m still at 1 liter instead of 2, but progress is progress.
  • I eat breakfast every day. Without fail.
  • Sleeping on the bus is cool; no more guilt about that.
  • Makeup removed nightly, flossing more (not so good about mouthwash).
  • In January, I spent about $55 on fabric (goal was no more than $50), which is pretty good really. I know I went over, but not by much. February I’m totally going to fail on this goal, just so you know. Like, failing today at it. Sorry. There’s a sale.
  • I bought yarn this past weekend, even though I said I wouldn’t. But, here’s the story. I have a hat I made myself that I really like and have gotten used to wearing (not really being a hat person, but it’s cold this winter), but have discovered, much to my chagrin, that I’m kind of allergic to it. It makes my forehead itchy and blotchy. No good. It’s wool, so I’m not surprised, since recently other wool items have been making me itch. So, I decided I needed to make myself a new hat, non-wool, to replace it. The problem I had at the store was twofold: one, the yarn I used for the itchy hat is only 25% wool, and a whole frickin’ lot of yarns have wool in them, and; two, I’ve also been itchy lately from some synthetic fibers (I think, at least, that’s my problem), so I was trying to avoid those, which was beyond difficult. I ended up with 4 different kinds of yarn, 2 skeins each, two synthetic blends, two bamboo blends (one with silk). I’m working on a synthetic one right now, because it’s black and I thought the black hat needed to be finished while it was still dark and wintery.
  • Staying off caffeine very well.
  • Bought 2 books this past weekend, for $1 each. Money well spent.
  • Still need to work on having a more positive attitude.

So, as you can see, I’m still a work in progress. No big surprise there. There’s still plenty of time to keep working on these goals.

My goals for this week? Schedule a much-needed haircut and massage. It’s quite bad on those fronts over here.

I’ll try to get a real update on life with photos posted later today.

2 Replies to “Winter Goals Update”

  1. The Universe/Nature/God sees fit to make that sun rise every morning, fresh and new. Each one is a chance to make the choices we know we should and can make. And if you screw up today…well, there we go with another day…

    These are my thoughts on goals. Unique? No. Profound? I could make an argument. True? Absolutely.

  2. Kelly, they just found out using mouth wash increases your risk of oral cancer so don’t feel too bad about that goal…

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