What I Found Time For

It’s amazing how much crafting a girl can get done on the bus ride home from work. A majority of the following work was completed that way, though some was done nights while watching television after I’d finished my homework.

Originally, I’d planned this for Valentine’s Day, but I finished much faster than I thought I would, and then the pattern I won on eBay arrived in the mail yesterday and there’s something absolutely perfect, so this is just… springy and happy. Pattern from Sublime Stitching.


Then, I thought some redwork would be nice for Valentine’s Day. But I also finished it way in advance. This first one is part of a Sunbonnet Sue seasons series, and I’ll be completing the other three as the seasons come along. It’s approximately 10″ square.

Sunbonnet Sue - Seasons - Winter

I also started work on the Sunbonnet Sue chores series of 5 1/2″ squares. They work up really fast – I started these Sunday night and finished the second one Monday night.

Sunbonnet Sue - Chores - Praying

Sunbonnet Sue - Chores - Mending

So, even though I spent about 5 hours this past weekend reading about the Transatlantic Slave Trade (ooh, happy reading! …just kidding), and then a chunk of time on my other two classes as well, I did manage to have some creative outlet. I suppose it helps that I took Friday off of work as a “mental health day” and did absolutely no homework, just some crafting and running about town, and of course, sleeping in.

Tonight’s plans don’t involve more embroidery. I have a test Thursday that I have to study for, and some other stuff that I should have gotten done last night but didn’t.