What I Was Working On

requested embroidered pillowcases for her birthday. She’s always been jealous of my collection, which I would gladly share if they hadn’t been made by my Grandma, Great-Aunt, and other assorted women of my family. I really should take a picture of them one of these days, because I don’t think I can adequately describe the squirrel one.

Well, the designs they sell these days are not nearly as… retro. Bucilla, one of the main brands of stamped embroidery and cross-stitch linens, leans towards the “beautiful” these days, which isn’t a bad thing. I picked out the “Tall Flowers” design, because it was both modern and I wanted it for myself (but I have such a large collection of pillowcases that I can’t justify them for myself). I changed the colors slightly from what was recommended, going a bit bolder and brighter. I really like how it turned out (as of Sunday night, I have completed one, which is slightly more than I had finished when she got to see them on Saturday).

Amanda's birthday present in progress

The problem I ran into is that the second pillowcase has the design printed about five inches lower on the pillow (towards the end) than this one. Obviously, I didn’t want to start the second one, but instead contacted the manufacturer (Bucilla is owned by Plaid), who has gotten back to me via email already. They seem to be willing to fix the problem, but I’m not entirely sure about what they suggested (shipping it back to them so they could determine the problem and fix it – does that mean I have to send both? will I get the one I already embroidered back? they’ll gladly send me a replacement or refund my money, but I want the one I’ve already completed), so I’m going to call customer service later this week and figure out the details.

All in all, it actually came together pretty quickly. The stems took the longest, but that was about a week of embroidering on the bus and while watching television (the latter being a bit rarer now), and the flowers took another week or so. The second one should go a bit faster, just because I won’t have to decipher the color chart. I should have checked both pillowcases before getting started – that’s my fault for assuming they’d match. Oh well. It’ll get straightened out soon enough. In the meantime, I need to come up with another embroidery project to work on. I have plenty of transfers and designs, but need a project (pillows? some clothing? I’d do the band on our flat sheets, but that’s not exactly the portable project I’m looking for to keep me occupied on my commute). Ideas? I have lots and lots of cloth napkins in solid colors – maybe I should start embellishing them.