Another Favorite Thing

If you remember from last week when I posted about what I made, I was in a swap based on the song “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music. I received from my partner late last week, and was pleasantly surprised. My partner chose “raindrops on roses,” so all of the items she included were rose-based.

Favorite thing - "roses"

She made me this lovely tote bag that is quite large, so I won’t have to leave anything at home, and it has a great Velcro strip at the top so my pens won’t continually fall out when I drop my purse. She also included these cute socks, handkerchiefs, and a tube vase that I’m going to bring in to work. Quite lovely. She wasn’t very confident in her sewing, but honestly she did an excellent job. Some day it will be spring-y enough to wear those cute socks, and in the meantime I have the darling handkerchiefs to look at. They washed up quite well and soft, and are sitting on my dresser waiting for me to find a home for them.

This was probably my last major swap for a while (other than the mini quilt-in-a-bag that I’m wrapping up), because I just don’t have time to work on things while classes are going on. I’ll still do some small ones (I love the charm square swaps, or the music swaps), but anything bigger will have to wait until May. So sad.