A Day Off

I had a lovely day off on Monday in honor of MLK Jr, which I would have told you about yesterday if I hadn’t spend the whole work day sorting through hundreds of forms in what can only be considered slightly organized madness.  Usually, when I have a day off, I feel obligated to still make a meaningful contribution to our household, by way of cleaning or other chores. Over the weekend, Amanda and Liz told me they thought this was crazy. So, I tried to not spend the day that way. I avoided feeling the need to clean on Monday by cleaning on Sunday, and I did extra homework all weekend so I wouldn’t have to do any on Monday. I don’t know if that really counts, then, but it all had to be done sometime, right?

I slept in, and spent most of the day working on the Mini Quilt-in-a-Bag for Tom [link removed]. I had already narrowed down my choices and had a rough plan, and so I did all my cutting before taking a trip over to JoAnn (I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t have to make a second trip after I started on the project, which I almost had to do because it took almost an entire spool of thread to make one 20″ square quilt – I have got to start buying the bigger spools!). I am getting close to my $50 budget for fabric for the month, but I won’t go over. I found a remnant I liked (they were very picked over, so it was surprising to find anything at all), a brown check to try chicken scratch embroidery on for Pin Tangle’s January Stitch Explorer, and a brown and cream butterfly print by Alexander Henry that I’d been coveting for nearly 6 months (I bought the rest of the bolt, which was a measly 1 yard, and used my 40% off coupon).

I also went to the co-op because I was nearly out of Teeccino (again!), and it’s just easier to start the day with my fake coffee (excuse me, herbal coffee) than it is with hot cocoa or water. Back at home, I started piecing together the quilt top, and made it about 75% of the way before Prince Charming came home. After dinner, I finished piecing the top, and then dove into quilting, and got that about 75% of the way done before it was time to go to bed. I can’t show you much now, but after Tom receives it, I’ll tell you all about it, because I’m quite pleased with how it all came together. I used a new book and some new methods, and had fun too. (This picture is from Monday night.)

Mini Quilt in a Bag Sneak Peek