Where you at?

If, at some point during the next 15 weeks, you ask yourself, I wonder what’s happened to Kelly. I wonder how she’s doing, what’s going on. Rest assured, I’m fine. I’m holed up at my house, sitting in my chair reading, or possibly writing a paper. I now have all three syllabi for my classes, and have scheduled out my homework. Because I like to do that. Because it makes me feel like I’m in control and might possibly get it all done.

This just in: 11 credits is a lot, especially while working full-time. There won’t be time for anything else. (For the record, is taking a full course load, and will have even more homework than I will, so I probably shouldn’t complain too much.)

So, if you find yourself thinking you haven’t heard from me in a while, haven’t seen my shining face, just know that I’m trapped in homework land. This too shall pass, however. I’m taking the summer off, so I’ll have almost four glorious months homework-free, when it’s sunny and daylight hours are long and we can go camping and take vacations and do things we enjoy. I can deal with 15 weeks of being super-busy and bogged down with homework as a trade-off.

However, until I get notice that they’re actually ready to do the website overhaul here at work, posting here shouldn’t change much. There’s not much schoolwork that I can do here, other than type up notes from class (which won’t be happening come February when I buy my new netbook), and the occasional reflection paper (which there aren’t any of past this first week of classes). So, no need to worry about not having something trivial to read. Pictures might be slim, as it’s still dark here when I’m not at work, and I won’t have that much time for crafting or fun, but I’ll try to be as entertaining as possible.