This Just In: It’s Cold

For those of you not in Minnesota, we’re in a bit of a cold streak here. Yesterday, the high was three below zero. Right now, it’s -1* with a windchill of -23*. And tonight at 9:30, when my first class of the “spring” semester gets out, it’s expected to be -19*. I hope has his phone nearby (hint, hint), in case my car decides that there is no way it’s going to start in temps like that. I’d refuse to work if I had to sit outside for four hours in negative temperatures. At least it will warm up a bit between work and class, if you count driving around as warming up.

Tonight’s class is Historical Interpretation, the class for which I had to buy six textbooks. Tomorrow is Introduction to American Government and Politics. I’ve just logged on to the website for my online class, which is World Politics. Admit it, you’re jealous of my courseload. It’s OK. Honestly, I just can’t wait for the end of tomorrow night’s class, so I can schedule out my homework for the semester. All of my anxiety for the semester (which isn’t that much at the moment) revolves around not having enough time to get everything done, and so having the syllabi in hand to schedule it all out will alleviate that.

I’ve spent about 10 hours at work yesterday and today renaming [electronic] files and organizing them. It’s about as much fun as it sounds. At least it’s over with, for the most part. There were about ten years of file insanity I just couldn’t deal with anymore.

FYI, celery can go bad flavor-wise long before it looks icky. Today’s lunch is less than yummy on account of this (no amount of peanut butter can cover it up), though the apple-plus-Nutella combo should fix that. I also had baby carrots with freshly homemade ranch dressing, and some light yogurt. I’m saving the hard boiled egg for a bit later (though not too much later, since class starts at 6 and I have to have dinner eaten well before then).