Freezer Paper and Blanket Stitch

Another finished project! I had 5 on my list for the weekend, and 4 were actually finished (the fifth is a skirt that only needs to be hemmed and have the hook-and-eyes resewn), so I have a lot to share.

Back when I was still working on ‘s quilt, suggested I do a freezer paper stencil to embellish it. I’d already bookmarked about a jillion cute crafts that other people had made with freezer paper, and seemed to be the last person on the planet to try it. It wasn’t right for ‘s quilt, but it was the right way to go for a remnant of grey fleece I found at JoAnn. The piece I found (probably for the ridiculous price of $1-2) was exactly the right size for a scarf – a tad wide, perhaps (it measures 13″ after I squared it up), but warm and cozy and great for protecting the skin on my neck from the wool of my coat.

Snowman Stencil

I searched all through Microsoft’s Clip Art Gallery before settling on the artwork, which I then printed up to fit on a sheet of paper. I traced each onto the freezer paper and carefully cut out the designs with an X-Acto pen (the hardest part, really). After ironing the stencil to the fleece, I used the stencil brush and the fabric paint I’d bought. The paint didn’t say I had to heat-set it, but I did anyways, after a mandatory overnight drying. I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Snowflake Pearl (seemed appropriate). It’s not as soft as I’d hoped, but it’s not stiff either. It shimmers nicely, and while the design doesn’t show up that well (white on pale grey), I chose not to do a second coat because I liked how it looked.

Snowflake Stencil

After the painting was done, I decided it needed a decorative border, and that blanket stitch (one I hadn’t tried before) was the right way to go. The first thread I’d picked out didn’t work at all – fleece is as very tight weave and the crochet thread was way too thick to ever be pulled through the fabric. The replacement I found, DMC Rayon Floss in a shiny white, was terrible to work with, but looked great in the end. Seriously, if you embroidery, you should never use this stuff. It knotted up a lot, was nearly impossible to separate into strands, and really hard to knot as well.

Completed Scarf

I had finished most of the embroidering nearly two weeks ago, but had about 18 inches of blanket stitch left to do that I was avoiding. I finally wrapped that up Saturday night, and have been wearing it ever since. It’s much more comfy than my previous in-coat scarf (a totally separate accessory from the outside-of-coat scarf that’s more for looks), quite warm, and it matches my black coat well.