Pet Peeve Fix

One of my pet peeves is when manufacturers or retailers place stickers on items that aren’t easily (or ever) removed. Case in point. After months of searching (I’m very particular*), I finally settled on a 2009 planner and forked over money for it. When I got it home, I tried to remove the sticker from the back (because who wants to carry around a dark blue planner with a price tag clearly visible on it for 12 months?). This is what happened.

It wouldn't come off. After picking (and removing part of the fake leather, as you can see in the closeup below), I tried Goo Gone, which consequently removed only part of the sticker and some blue dye and left a nice blurry streak on the back. Ew.
This was now even more unacceptable than having the sticker on it in the first place. I was frustrated and annoyed. Why would you use some sort of adhesive on a sticker like this that was clearly going to be removed by the majority of people using the product? I don't understand.

I set the planner aside, since I didn’t need it for a few more weeks, so that I could figure out a solution. I think I came up with something that works and will make me smile (instead of frown) when I look at my planner for the whole year.

2009 Planner Jacket
A cover for my planner

I used scraps of denim (the spine) and two pink prints left over from my lap quilt (the pink on white floral and the pink jellybean print on the back), as well as part of a strip from a recent Jelly Roll purchase (the green). I also used a decorative stitch (in hot pink, no less!) on the pockets and along the top (I would have done it along the bottom, too, but I nearly ran out of thread – that’s the fourth spool of thread in the last month I’ve used up!). I love it, and can’t wait to start using it (classes start Wednesday).

*My guidelines: vertical weekly view with columns wide enough for a small Post-It note, times marked clearly reflecting days longer than 8-5 (preferably 8-8 or 8-9). You wouldn’t think it’d be asking too much, but it is.