Cold Rice

FYI, cold rice is actually quite good. I had my doubts, but assured me that the rice had to go in the takeout container and come with me to work today. I was pretty sure that the tandoori chicken would be good cold (it was), and the nan was a no-brainer (I love nan, and had not eaten any in years). Absolutely delicious leftovers for lunch today, which I’m normally not on board with. (Leftovers are particularly difficult due to my aversion to the communal microwaves here at work; I thought I’d attempt overcoming that, but then people just get more disgusting, and it’s not happening now.)

Last night, since didn’t want to make spaghetti, and it was our last Thursday Date Night until May (Date Night being heretofore rescheduled to Fridays, since I have class Wednesday and Thursday nights this semester, starting next week). So, we went to Sambol, the local Indian restaurant (“best indian cuisine in the Twin Cities” according to their website), and it was oh so good. I was a little worried when we arrived at 6 pm and we were the only customers, but a few more tables filled up as we were there. The staff was excellent, including multiple water refills without asking, and the meal was decently priced too. We had some pretty standard stuff (Tandoori Chicken for me, Chicken Tikka Masala for ), but it was truly excellent. I wasn’t a huge fan of the “chips and salsa” type appetizer they put out, but it was free, so that’s hard to argue with. My Tandoori Chicken came with either vegetable curry or lentils, and I chose the lentils. They were good, but I should have had the curry, since otherwise my meal was lacking in veggies (the chicken came on a bed of sizzling onions and something else). The rice was delicious and makes me want to go buy some basmati to make at home.

My only complaint was that I wished their menu had more pictures, because it was hard to tell what some of the more exotic stuff might be. And, looking at their website, there’s a Sri Lankan dish that looks yummy, but I have no idea what it is.

If you’re in the south metro and looking for some Indian or Sri Lankan food, I definitely recommend Sambol.

Now, I’m off to find a good recipe for crock pot rice pudding. Anyone have something reliable?