Take5 Tuesday

  1. 5 things you did for new years. Slept in, spent $100 at the Container Store, worked out, stayed in my pajamas past noon, and cleaned the kitchen. (I’m hoping this meant on New Year’s Day. We did absolutely nothing for New Year’s Eve.)
  2. 5 goals you completed last year. Um, I didn’t really set goals for last year. I did maintain my 4.0 GPA. And I finished several crafting projects that I wanted to.
  3. 5 goals you want to complete this year. See these posts for: this year’s goals, or my Winter goals.
  4. 5 lessons you learned last year. While it is possible to lose weight while not trying, it is nearly impossible to lose weight when you want to; similarly, it is also nearly impossible to lose weight if you don’t make any lifestyle changes to promote that goal; allergies are no fun; suburbia is not evil (though I still am not a fan of soccer moms); it’s OK to be the person who believes in you the most (that is, it’s not always necessary to have others be your cheerleaders – believe in yourself and that can help you reach your goals).
  5. 5 things you didn’t do last year, that you want to do this year. Sell the house, go camping more, spend more time in the hammock (will be aided by my decision to not take summer classes), take a vacation, and be more productive in the non-school arena.