Linkfest: Bacon (Helping you Break those New Year’s Resolutions)

I hope that you haven’t made any decisions to give up bacon. If you have, you should probably just stop reading right now. If, however, you find bacon at least mildly delicious, or interesting (the things people do with bacon!), here’s some entertainment, I mean recipes, for you.

  • Bacon Bites [link removed] (Baker’s Banter) – great looking appetizer for your next party.
  • Bacon Pastry Slices [link removed] (Gourmet) – do you like slightly fancier bacon?
  • Waffles with Bacon and Cheddar [link removed] (Burp!) – McDonald’s did it first, combining all of your breakfast foods into one item. Here’s a slightly tastier way to do that.
  • Dark Chocolate Bacon Cupcake with Chili-Infused Dark Chocolate Ganache and topped it with a Chili Milk Chocolate Dipped Slice of Bacon [link removed] (No One Puts Cupcake in a Corner) – where do I even begin?
  • Bacon Brownies [link removed] (The Hungry Engineer) – I’m not the only one who thinks that chocolate and bacon shouldn’t be served together, am I?
  • Homemade Chocolate-Covered Bacon [link removed] (YumSugar) – If you were looking to combine some new chocolate-melting skills (or the recent linkfest link to a melting chocolates supplier) with bacon, here you go. My thoughts are more along the “ish” line.
  • Bacon Rootbeer Float [link removed] (Culinary Sherpas) – please don’t ever tell me if you make this.

Thus ends the recipes portion, and begins the “what the freak?” section.

  • Bacon of the Month Club [link removed] (Grateful Palate) – who knew there were so many different kinds of bacon? Links towards the bottom towards their bacon collection, and suggestions on how to best cook bacon.
  • Bacon in a Can made its way around the interent earlier this year. Here’s two posts I saw about it:
    • Slog [link removed]
    • Off the (meat)hook [link removed]
  • Bacon Flavored Mints [link removed] (Perpetual Kid) – um, …. …. …. delicious crispy bacon flavor with a hint of mint? If the creator of this wasn’t smoking pot when he/she came up with the idea, then I don’t know what is going on in this world.
  • Bacon and Chocolate Bar [link removed] (Chocolate bytes) – Not a diy-er? Don’t want to make your own chocolate-dipped bacon? How about just buying a chocolate bar with bits of bacon in it?
  • Bacon Mania [link removed] (Salon) – if all of this bacon talk has made you feel like the world has gone a bit off-kilter, try reading this to understand what is going on and why people love bacon so much. Also entertaining for the picture of the man in a bacon suit.