Linkfest: Eggs

If your New Year’s Resolution is to lower your dietary cholesterol, this post isn’t for you. I don’t have cholesterol issues, dietary or hereditary, and sometimes find myself craving eggs. Here are some of the recipies and ideas I’ve run across:

  • Eggs Benedict [link removed] (Stuff Yer Bake) – I love, love, love Eggs Benedict. I’m not a huge fan of ham (in fact, I avoid it whenever possible, which is about 98% of the time), but will eat it in Eggs Benedict. My favorite, however, is with salmon patties or crab cakes. Yum! This recipe doesn’t call for making a traditional hollandaise sauce, which is nice because it’s a bit tedious (though not difficult). Has anyone tried making hollandaise sauce from the packet they sell at the grocery store?
    • If you do need a Hollandaise sauce recipe, however, there’s one at Thinking About Food [link removed].
    • Eggs Benedict with Spinach (montcarte) [link removed]- nice vegetarian version.
  • Herb Baked Eggs [link removed] (Dragon’s Kitchen) – don’t these look delish?
    • Also at Barefoot Bloggers [link removed]
  • Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon (montecarte) [link removed] – some of my favorite foods are in this recipe, poached eggs and smoked salmon. How could one go wrong?
  • Deviled Eggs with Wasabi [link removed] (My Food Blog) – ooh, I can definitely get behind putting wasabi with eggs in this case. Love me some wasabi. Feel the burn!
  • Frisee Aux Lardons [link removed] (Seriousi Eats) – warm eggs, salad greens, a little bacon… sounds good to me!
    • Earth Day / Early Spring Salad [link removed] (eggs on Sunday) – slightly different version
  • Eggs Al Forno [link removed] (Food Woolf) – yummy eggs for one.
  • Indian-Style Baked Eggs Florentine [link removed] (Lisa’s Kitchen) – need an excuse to buy that set of ramekins you saw on sale recently? Here’s a good one.
    • If that one’s not your style, how about Goat Cheese and Scallion Eggs Cocotte [link removed] (Chocolate Shavings), also requiring ramekins.
  • Republic Day Eggs [link removed] (Chef At Large) – might have to brave the metric system one of these days to try this.
  • Bacon and Egg Risotto [link removed] (An Obsession with Food) – I am not really all that good at risotto yet, but I’d like to be, and here’s another opportunity to practice (with patience) the art of risotto.
  • Son-In-Law Eggs [link removed] (Rasa Malaysia) – Hrm. Deep fried eggs does not sound like something I should attempt making, but interesting enough that I would eat it if someone else made it for me.
  • Egg Muffins [link removed] (Anna’s Cool Finds) – I’ve heard enough about silicone muffin molds to not want to own them, but this is a prettty cool idea, especially for brunch, and I bet they could be made in regular muffin tins too.