Day 6

I know you were all chomping at the bit to know how I’m doing on my non-resolutions. I’m pleased to report that today, I ate my entire lunch. Mind you, it was at 3 pm (which is particularly bad for those of us who leave work at 4), but I ate it. And what was this glorious lunch I ate? An apple (with Nutella), carrots (with homemade Ranch dressing), and celery (with expired reduced-fat Jif). Clearly I’m doing OK today for fruits and vegetables, and fiber.

Also, last week I was successful in only going to the hot drink places twice. This week I have only gone once so far (today, and that was because it’s double-stamp Tuesday).

Friday night I was very tired (took a nap after dinner), and didn’t want to go to the gym, so I didn’t. let me pretend it was a school day. Saturday I completely forgot to go until about 9:30 pm, and it was too late by then. Sunday, however, we trekked over there after dinner. And last night I set myself a crafting deadline of 8:30 so that I’d get over there, which I did, all by myself.

I also cut out the skirt that I’m making for January. And then sewed it up. Well, not entirely. I had to stop (after 15 minutes, which is all it took to piece it together – I’m loving this pattern [link removed] and wondering why I haven’t used it until now!) because I didn’t have elastic for the waist. Now I’m thinking that I’ll borrow the waistband from this pattern [link removed] and add in a zipper in back instead, because I’m not a huge fan of elastic-waisted skirts. I probably should be, as they’d be easier if I wanted to gain or lose weight, but I’m not.

What else, what else? I finished ‘s fleece jacket a day early (Sunday, and I’d set myself a goal of Monday). I still haven’t finished the scarf that I’m making for myself, though I only have about 18 inches left of blanket stitch. I’m totally hating the floss I picked out (love the way it looks, absolutely horrible stuff to work with), and can’t get motivated to finish it up. I should, however, since it will look nice when done. Oh, and I haven’t bought any fabric yet. Tonight I’m going to the thrift stores after work, however, and if I find some I like, I will buy it, because that’s a time-sensitive matter.

I’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes work here on the blog, not that any of you would notice. But, it’s there, slowly being fixed and tweaked. Let me know if there’s something that bugs you that needs fixing, or if you see something you like!