Damn you, Spandex/Lycra!

I’ve had the feeling for quite a while now that I might be allergic to Spandex/Lycra. My legs get itchy whenever I wear nylons, though it’s not that bad. It’s been so cold here (both outside temperature and inside my office) that it hasn’t been an issue, since long underwear and pants have been required. Well, I got tired of wearing the same pair of long underwear 5 days a week, and finally bought some tights so I could wear a skirt (and some Cuddle Duds “thermal wear” so I can rotate my stock – unfortunately, the pants I bought are ridiculously too small, but the shirt is delightful). I wore a skirt yesterday, with my new brown tights, and was fine at work. But, when I got home, I itched. I think it was just too cold at work (bundled up in my lap quilt) to be itchy. I put my steroid cream on my legs last night and this morning, and I still itch. So much for my plan to be able to wear a skirt every other day. Maybe every three days? Once a week?

Plus, my sports bra makes me itch. Darn it if that isn’t uncomfortable. Of course, I only wear it for about an hour, so by bedtime I wasn’t itchy anymore, and definitely no steroid cream needed.

This is definitely annoying. I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to find nylons or tights or sports bras without at least some Spandex/Lycra in them.

In happier news, is on vacation this week, so I didn’t have to go grocery shopping on Sunday night. He went yesterday and bought a ton of stuff (we were trying to get to the $100 mark so we could use our $10 coupon that we got in the mail), which was wonderful. We are fully stocked in our kitchen, that’s for sure. And, I don’t have to make the bed all week, which is also nice.

I finally bought a space heater for my cube last night at Target. They’re totally contraband at work, in case you were wondering. I don’t care. I’m standing by my justification, that if they would actually heat the area I work in, that if I hadn’t been completely freezing for the last two and a half weeks, I wouldn’t have to break the rules. But I’m tired of wearing long underwear, wool sweaters, long pants, wool socks, and fleece jackets just to be moderately comfortable. The one I bought has some temperature control, so I can set it and it turns itself on and off when necessary. It’s not that loud, either, at least not when there are people in the office moving about, talking, etc. Of course, now my skin is going to be even drier (our humidity here registers somewhere around 15% according to local readings by my co-worker), but that’s a small price to pay to avoid frostbite.