Ending 2008 right

I feel pretty good about the last 48 hours. I finished ‘s scarf yesterday (finished knitting on the 31st, wove in ends while watching the Parade of Roses on the 1st), am totally on track with the fleece jacket I’m making him, and finished sewing the binding on my Christmas Star Wall Hanging (from back in October) 25 minutes before my deadline (I’d set a goal of finishing it in 2008, and I stitched the last bit on at 11:35 pm).

I think I may have discovered the secret to successful crafting (and by that I mean finishing projects I start): putting each step on my to-do list with a deadline. I’ve been using Remember the Milk [link removed] for a while now, but really started using it when it became a GMail Gadget. Since I now see my daily tasks in both iGoogle and Gmail, and can manage them (mark as complete, postpone, whatever) from those two interfaces, as well as from the site itself, I have become much more organized (and you didn’t think that was possible, did you). It’s also helpful for remembering what needs to be done for swaps I’m currently in. I wanted to make sure that I finished ‘s jacket in a timely fashion (preferably before classes start up again), so I looked at the instructions, broke them down into chunks, put them all in RTM with appropriate deadlines, and have managed to stick with it! I also set myself some goals for clothing for myself, in hopes that I can add to my own wardrobe soon. (Pictures of completed projects coming early next week, since I have to wait for some sunlight.)

We went to the Container Store on New Year’s Day and bought $100 worth of OXO Pop Containers. Totally worth every cent. I love these things. Not only are they square (which is wonderful in and of itself), they are clear and keep things much more organized in our kitchen, so now I can open the cabinet and see that we have wild rice, which I had totally forgotten we owned. We have to go back and get another one for the whole wheat flour, since I seem to have forgotten that one (or used it for something else), but our cabinets are looking much better right now. is happy because he got the big one for his chips, so they’ll stay fresher longer, and he can enjoy salsa all the more.

Wednesday night, while everyone else was getting their drink on, we went over to the gym for the first time in a while (it became a serious endeavor when had his gym clothes on while I had mine on, and it was harder to make excuses then). I did 30 minutes on the treadmill, walking, which totally kicked my butt (sad, I know, but I picked the “weight loss” program which hiked up the resistance level and I walked at a pretty fast pace). We went again yesterday, and I did 30 minutes of weights and 15 minutes on the treadmill (forgetting that the “weight loss” program was difficult, I picked that again – hopefully I won’t make the same mistake tonight). I also remembered to weigh myself this morning, so I know my actual starting point. It wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Instead of going over to ‘s for donuts on New Year’s Day (which is totally worth it, no matter what any of the rest of you think, they’re the best donuts in the entire world), we slept in. We went last year, and as much as I wanted to go, I wanted sleep more, and this being a crappily-timed holiday (what’s with the holidays on Thursdays this year? it sucks – stupid mid-week day off throwing me for a loop), sleep won out. We did take advantage of it, and slept in until nearly 10, and stayed in our pajamas until 1.

Again, no one is at work today, since the Thursday holiday prompted most people to take Friday off. I have enough work to keep me busy until lunch probably, but then I’ll be bored for the rest of the afternoon. Suggestions?

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