Linkfest Post for the New Year: Eat More Veggies!

For those of you out there who have made resolutions to eat healthier in the 2009, lose weight, or who otherwise want to explore new foods, here are some veggie-related recipes (or ideas) that I’ve run across lately, probably via Flickr or the blogs I usually read:

  • Roasted shishito peppers [link removed] (the beet goes on)
  • Roasted brussel sprouts [link removed] (use real butter)
  • Roasted brussel sprouts [link removed] (matzo & rice)
  • Herbed summer squash and potato torte [link removed] (smitten kitchen)
  • Baked summer squash [link removed] (the kitchn)
  • Three Bean Salad [link removed] (Straight from the Farm)
  • Roasted Green Beans [link removed] (Straight from the Farm)
  • Bacon-wrapped Green Beans [link removed] (The Delicious Life)
  • Pancetta-Wrapped Asparagus [link removed] (the kitchn)
  • Lemon Basil Dip [link removed] (for Asparagus) (kitchen klique)
  • Polenta crumbled cauliflower [link removed] (fig & cherry)
  • Cauliflower jalapeno [link removed] (Martha Stewart)
  • Spicy Cucumber Salad [link removed] (Martha Stewart)
  • Portobello Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette [link removed] (!Yo Soy!)
  • Broccoli Salad with Bacon and Raisins [link removed] (Pinch My Salt) – very similar to a family recipe that is my sister’s favorite
  • Modest Beet Salad [link removed] (use real butter)
  • Two options for Copycat Olive Garden Salad Dressing
    • Flora’s Recipe Hideout [link removed]
    • Recipe Czar [link removed]

And, let’s just pretend these are healthy, k?

  • Sweet Potato Wedges [link removed] (Closet cooking)
  • Roasted Baby Potatoes with Broccoli [link removed] (For the love of cooking)
  • Tasty Stuffed Mushrooms [link removed] (Tasty meals at home)

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  1. Thanks for including us! I just posted a Late Summer Tomato Soup recipe, full of tomatoes, beans, peppers, and other veggies. Your readers might be interested.

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