Winter Goals

As I talked about in my 2009 Goals post, I’ve seen some other bloggers do a list of goals for the season. I think this is an excellent idea, especially since they are, at least for me, far more fun than my yearly goals.

This winter (now through March), I’d like to:

  • Go skiing.
  • Try the following foods: beets, brussel sprouts
  • Sew one item of clothing for myself each month
  • Modify one item of clothing from the drawer each month (the drawer of thrift store purchases that don’t fit properly and unfinished sewing projects)
  • Take our plecostomus to live somewhere else, as he has been too big and aggressive for our small tank for several months now
  • Go through closet and dressers and get rid of clothes I no longer wear / no longer fit
  • Re-organize kitchen cabinets (again) – this should probably be a spring cleaning goal, but it’s driving me crazy now
  • Not to pick up a new hobby
  • Clean out the under-the-bed area in the spare bedroom

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