Update on Grant’s Quilt

As was making dinner last night, I told him, “my plan is to mostly finish or finish the ‘s quilt.” And then I promptly hid in my sweater, because that seemed like a huge undertaking for one evening. I already had the binding sewn on one long side and two corners, so I figured I should be able to make it across a short side and another long side. So after dinner, I pulled it out (it’s so lovely to work on binding a quilt in winter, because you’ve got a built-in lap warmer – who would ever want to do that in the summer without copious amounts of air conditioning?) and got to work. Two hours later, there was some squealing. Seriously. Sorority-girl-reunion-type squealing.

That’s right, it’s done!

Short of having to throw it in the wash (at the very least, all the cat hair needs to be removed, since is allergic), I actually finished it, days ahead of when it needed to be!

Lots of pictures were taken, but I’ll spare you. If you want, you can hop on over to my Flickr photostream to see them.

Most excitingly, while the binding looks fabulous, my corners are perfect! All 4 (8) of them (they have two sides, you know)!

Perfectly bound corners

There are two leftover squares of patchwork, and some of the green used on the front, so I’m going to try to make a pillow sham with those, and see what I can find to make a pillowcase out of. I had originally planned on a bed skirt too, but decided that wouldn’t like it that much, and so it wasn’t important. Then, whatever I have left (I have a 2″ pile of strips used to make the patchwork), I’ll sell on Etsy.

Yay! Hopefully I’ll get some better photos this weekend, or at some later date. Sunlight doesn’t happen much these days, so good photo-taking opportunities are few and far between.

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