No Coast Craft-o-Rama Update

I only bought a few things at the craft fair (though I’ve said I could’ve bought more if it wasn’t so crowded), but they’re good things.

Here’s the purse I bought from Cayenne Peppy [link removed]:


I also bought earrings from her:


She has an Etsy store [link removed] where you can buy more of her stuff, too, which is cool.

I also found an ornament to give to this year, continuing the tradition:


It’s from mogo (modern goods), but it took me a while to figure that out, since it wasn’t labeled.

Which brings me to my “lessons learned from attending a craft fair,” in case I ever decide to mass-produce items and sell them.

  1. Put your name (personal, company, brand, whatever) on every single little thing you sell. If nothing else, then people can Google you and find you.
  2. Sell online – it’s super easy via Etsy. Then, put your Etsy shop address on the same label as your name on every thing you sell. Or, if you sell your products at a local store, then list that somewhere, so that locals (one would assume most people at craft fairs are locals) can buy your stuff later.
  3. Have another way for people to contact you, whether it’s email, a mailing address, phone number, whatever.
  4. An email list, so you can update customers about sales you’re having, upcoming events you’ll be at, etc., is incredibly valuable, even if you only have 5 people on it.
  5. Have business cards with the information listed above (name, online shop address, ways to contact you, etc) available so that people who like your products but aren’t able to purchase on the spot can do so at a later date. At crazy-busy craft fairs (like this one was), it’d be awesome if that information was somehow more accessible than your table/stand/setup, since some of the really popular sellers were virtually impossible to get near. Maybe someone standing in the walkway handing out cards?

All in all, I’m glad I went, and will definitely go again next year, perhaps on Friday night instead (I heard it wasn’t as busy then). Hopefully, now that I’m reading more local craft blogs, I’ll hear about other craft fairs that are happening locally, which will be fun.