Holiday Update

I said I’d post pictures proving we got our tree up, and here they are:

It's really hard to take pictures of Christmas trees.

I tried practically every setting on the camera and most of them turned out crappy. But, for fun, I tried the “color swap” setting (or maybe it was “color focus” or something like that), and here’s what happened:

Color Swap

I’m sure that I was supposed to put the picture into Photoshop and do something cool with it, but I don’t have Photoshop. I thought it was a nice picture anyways, though.

Then, after getting the tree mostly decorated, I opened the second box of ornaments and found… the garland. Oops. Guess it’s not getting put on the tree this year. But, I did find a nice place for some of it.

Peppermint Garland

Hope you’re having fun decorating your houses for the holidays, if you’re choosing to do that, and if you’re not, that you can enjoy some holiday spirit in some other way.

2 Replies to “Holiday Update”

  1. I like the color swap feature. Cute tree! We are skipping one this year since I’ll be out of town and so I am hanging ornaments from everything BUT a tree!

  2. I’m all in favor of hanging ornaments anywhere you can! My sister skipped a tree the last two years because of her little boy (aged 2 weeks and 1 year in 2006 and 2007, respectively), and Santa still visited them, so I think you’re safe.

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