I think I could sleep standing up today. I’d give it a try, but I’m afraid of getting hurt. Really, though, I’m quite tired, and am glad that I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow. We do plan to get up and go to the bank first thing in the morning to talk to them about getting a CD, and then I have to drop the ornaments off at the post office, and then it’s over to ‘s to go to the No Coast Craft-o-Rama. I should be home mid-afternoon, though, so I can take a nap or just get to work quilting ‘s quilt. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

And, I’ve been meaning to try to go to church – it is Advent, you know, and I feel really disconnected from Christmas without Sunday morning services. However, the church I’d like to try only has one service on Sunday mornings, and it’s at 9:30, which is a tad early for my preferences. I suppose I should just suck it up and go, but it’s hard to get motivated to get out of a warm bed on Sunday mornings, now that I don’t have to anymore.

If you enjoyed yesterday’s post about employment at the State, you should check it out again because someone left (an unfortunately anonymous) a comment that offers a different opinion. I’ve chosen not to argue, because I don’t like doing that and I think that the free exchange of ideas allows you to make up your own mind about things.

Last night for Date Night we went to see Bolt, which was good, but not nearly as high quality as Pixar films (Bolt is a Disney film). It was a good storyline, and had some really funny characters (the pigeons and the hamster were my favorites), but just fell slightly short of being excellent. Worth checking out on Netflix though, in a few months.

I need a new purse, and am hoping to find one tomorrow at the craft fair. Or two. And maybe an ornament for , or some other Christmas gifts. We’ll see.