It’s good to want things

…because sometimes, you get them! If you read today’s earlier Friday Fill-Ins, you might remember that I wanted a showing of our house on Sunday. Well, I got my wish, and a day early! We have one scheduled for Saturday morning at 10:30! The office just called not 15 minutes ago. Man, they work fast! And, coincidentally, our cleaning lady is at our house today, so the place will be perfect! We even have enough time to move the boxes of Christmas decorations out to the garage or even back to the storage unit, and take the  plastic off of the fireplace ( rigged up a nice temporary shield that keeps the cold air out by using sticky-backed magnets and heavy-duty plastic – it’s not beautiful, but it works, and can go away when we need to show the place). How wonderful! I know people say that no one buys in December because of the holidays, but I would buy/sell right now if I could. Who cares what kind of chaos it throws the holidays into, if it means our house is sold? Thankfully, aside from ‘s quilt, the only holiday crafting projects I have left to complete are embroidery, which require very little in the way of supplies and mess, and therefore leave us completely able to box up the rest of the house if someone really wants it. We did have a Realtor showing earlier in the week, and they noted that while the house was “cluttered” (yes, we hadn’t been keeping it clean like we should have), they thought it was under-priced. So is every other house on the market, though, especially similar units in our neighborhood.

I’m off to find some lunch, and get cash for the craft fair tomorrow.