Tuesday’s Technology Update

[Editor’s note: later on today I promise that I’ll post something with pictures of crafty things I’ve done lately, to make up for the boring-ness of this post.]

Yesterday, I discovered something that, well, I’m probably the second-to-last person on the planet to discover. I know I’m super late in the game, but… I just discovered Google Reader. I know, I know. I think I’d actually tried using it before, and couldn’t make it work for me. But now, by George, it does. And I think it’s made my life easier, or at least a little less complicated, and I’m pretty sure it’s made Firefox happier*.

If you took the time last week to check out my updated , you noticed that I have a lot of blogs that I read regularly. 84, to be exact. 51 of those were in my daily reading, and 36 in my “weekly” reading (which, when it’s particularly boring at work, I check daily also, I just have lower expectations as to whether or not they’ve been updated). [Editor’s note: the numbers don’t exactly add up because a few of the blogs on my list didn’t have feeds, so they’re probably going to get dropped soon.]

Well, now there are 84 subscriptions in GReader, and I just have to open the page and scroll through to see the sites that have updated, and can either read the new posts right there, or click on the title to read it on the original site.

Another thing that I like about GReader is that it totally changed how I was using another bookmark folder, “Today’s Blogging.” I’d throw links in there to articles I wanted to blog about (“today” meaning “sometime in the future, probably never, because there were a kajillion links in there and it was just too unruly), new products that caught my eye, funny quotes, craft projects I’d like to make, etc. And I almost never did anything with those links, other than let them grow into an unsightly mess (there were over a hundred last time I accidentally opened them all – a mistake I didn’t make again).

But, with GReader, I can make “notes” and share articles/links with others. Add into that Amazon’s new “universal wishlist” feature (OK, so it’s a few months old, whatever), and there are now a whole two links in my “Today’s Blogging” folder (neither of which can be added to GReader, otherwise they would have been). [Editor’s note: it must be said that there are still 4 folders inside that TB folder, one of which is recipes I have bookmarked to share with y’all at some point, another of which is other kitchen-y things to share, a third a list of cookbooks that might make good gift ideas for my father-in-law, and one of patterns that I actually need to move elsewhere. So, it’s not entirely cleaned up, but it’s getting there. I do have a system. In fact, this afternoon, after mailing a letter for someone, I’m going to get rid of those last two folders, because I can do that.] I haven’t figured out the best way to actually share articles with people – I’ll try out a few things, preferrably through this blog, over the next couple of weeks. The one bummer so far is that while I can tag articles, they’re only visible to me, so that isn’t very helpful for sharing. Plus, the shared page (linked to above) isn’t customizable at the moment.

*Note: how did I manage to read so many blogs before using an RSS reader, you ask? Well, simply put, I stored all of my links in two folders, “Daily Blogs” and “Weekly Blogs.” Then I just used the link at the bottom of each folder that says “open all in tabs.” I think Firefox will be much happier now that I won’t ask it to open 50 tabs each morning, simultaneously.

It should also be noted that there are 13 blogs I’m currently trying to read through the archives of (all of which I’m already reading daily), and 24 in my “Blogs to Browse” folder, assuming I ever get to the point where I need more blog reading. I figure that GReader should definitely help with this problem. Soon, I’m going to figure out the “Discover” feature in GReader, which will only mean more blogs to explore. (By “figure out,” I mean “try.” It’s just a link. I’m pretty sure I can figure out what to do with that.)

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  1. I’m currently subscribed to over 350 feeds (I routinely prune it to get under 400 as I seem to have a trigger finger with RSS feeds) and I really don’t know how I lived w/o Google Reader before.

    Congrats on catching up with the rest of us 🙂

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