Today I’m thankful for…

…a cold that left quickly (I’m just tired today, no sniffles or congestion!).

…getting to yell at a telemarketer last night (it was immensely satisfying, as were the two more complaints I registered with the Do Not Call Registry, making a grand total of 7 for this company).

…Hershey’s Symphony bars.

…a massage scheduled for 7:30 tonight.

…being halfway done with the Holiday Ornament Swap embroidered pieces. 5 done, 5 to go.

…getting recipes out in the mail this morning, just meeting the deadline for one swap and early for another.

…co-workers who appreciate the work I do for them.

…this coming weekend of rest and relaxation, as well as some crafting (one purse has finally died, and ‘s quilt needs some serious work).

…the chance to read completely through the archives of some new blogs (completed two this week so far, and one Flickr group).

…realizing that, though my pants are quite tight today, it’s OK, because they’re 2s (it’s amazing I haven’t suffocated to death, really), and I’m currently a 6/8. That sure explains things (I thought they were 4s).

…staying caught up at work (about 95% of the time I’m caught up), still ready for the moment when the web people say “go” and finally let us get to work on our external site (and then I will be busy for 6 months straight, rewriting hundreds of pages).

…passing off yet another work task to a co-worker for that aspect of my job that I hate and no longer have to do (light at the end of the tunnel: 8 days till exit).

…a husband who gladly made dinner last night (even decided what we were eating) so that I didn’t have to think about food while (albeit mildly) ill. Also, he offered to go buy cake when I was craving some. I declined, but the gesture was really nice.

…a very light bookbag these days, since classes are almost over and I have almost no homework (many nights in a row without homework has been wonderful, though I still have 4 chapters to read by next Thursday).

…5 weeks off between semesters!

…more cookie baking this weekend (Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon).

…that my grandparents are living and well ( gave me an update on last week, and said Grandma had been asking about me).

…that our cats, while completely neurotic and annoying, are alive and healthy (disturbing conversation with the cashier at Bruegger’s this morning, who told me that his cat recently died).

…that last bite of Hershey’s Symphony (I can be thankful for it twice – it was that good).