Today, I am thankful for…

…office jobs downtown, with the flexibility to take a break when I need to.

…not being a schoolteacher yet, because of the aforementioned reason.

…Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold (I’m down to a few Kleenex an hour instead of dozens).

…Emergen-C, even if it’s all in my head, because I will get over this cold fast.

…figuring out how to make a ginormous “G” for ‘s quilt (2’ square, approximately).

…making some progress on some other Christmas gifts.

…the Remember The Milk plugin in Gmail, which is ever so helpful now that I immersed myself in swapland.

…Flickr, because it keeps me wildly entertained at work.

…lots of crafting blogs, which also keep me entertained (and learning new stuff).


…the wall of pictures up in my office, that help remind me of what’s really important.

…being financially solvent enough that we don’t have to sell our house, and we’re actually saving money the longer we live here (silver lining, right?).

…three-day work weeks.

…co-conspiring with over what to bring to Thanksgiving at ‘s (just a tiny little switcheroo).

…two Thanksgivings this year (though we haven’t yet planned anything with the other half of ‘s family, so it could end up being three).

…lots of yummy foods on the internet (I sense some more posts coming up).