…in which we are ever-so-exciting

Last night was date night (as Thursdays are, though next semester I have a Thursday night class, so date night will be rescheduled to Friday night, which is usually date night like anyways, since I’m always unmotivated to do homework). I left work at 3:30 (since class was canceled and the earliest bus I could catch home was 3:36) and stopped at Michael’s on the way home to pick up some floss I needed, as well as some hoops. I also bought some new needles in the right size, a thimble (not in the right size, that has been adopted by as the greatest cat toy ever, for today at least), and some beeswax (to help me stop my disgusting habit of licking the floss to thread it through the needle. All in under 20 minutes!

We had some lovely spaghetti (cooked by ), and watched Hellboy II (terribly entertaining, I must say). Once the movie was over, I looked at the clock and it was… 7:30. Wow, that’s very early. How’d that happen. But, the brand-new Kowalski’s had opened on Thursday, a mere .9 miles from our house, so we thought we’d check it out. Many other people had the same idea. There were lots of couples and groups of 3 walking around, pointing at things and saying “ooh, they have…” and everybody had a basket with about one thing in it. Regardless of not needing any groceries, we managed to spend $20, which is still cheaper than dinner and a movie.

When we got home, I continued working on the towel I’m embroidering for for Christmas (one of two, actually). I’m really enjoying this particular project, and I’m thinking I can get it wrapped up this weekend, which is also good. It’s bright and colorful and sweet and fun, and she will definitely love it. Plus, I’m using all sorts of different stitches (OK, like four or five), which is nice. Sadly, no pictures for you, again. Hopefully I’ll take some this weekend.

Only a little bit of homework this weekend, and lots of crafting (getting back to work on ‘s quilt, since his birthday is in less than a month), slowly emerging from this forced hibernation. Does it count if I think about my friends and family a lot? Because I do, really I do.