I did it!

Grading Breakdown

I’m not entirely sure how I pulled it off, but in the end I guess it comes down to my professor’s grading scheme making no sense to me whatsoever. If you remember, the only grade I had left to receive was for the portfolio (circled in red), and I could miss up to 6 points on it. I was totally nervous about that, because if you look at the grades circled in green, those are the other items that were graded by rubric, as the portfolio would be. That’s 80%, 75%, and 86% (but that last one is really 73% for the rubric-graded half, and 100% for the groupmate-graded half). And yet, miraculously, she gave me full credit for my portfolio (a 40+ page document that she kept, as she required us all to make 2 copies so that she could keep one).

I said yesterday that all I wanted was to remember what I wanted to put on the course eval, and to not have to argue for an A.  I got what I wanted on both counts. Yay! I am so relieved that the class is over and my GPA will remain 4.0 after this semester (because there’s virtually no way I’ll get anything less than an A in my other class, seeing as how I have 100% right now).

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to listen to me complain about it anymore? Plus, I get a little bit of my life back, time-wise, after this weekend. One more section of a book to read, and one more paper (that has yet to be assigned).

Also, I just checked my school email and I’m so glad I did – class this afternoon was canceled because my professor is sick. One class left in December, final assignment canceled. Officially, I have a 4.0 GPA then. Woo-hoo. Unfortunately, I have to stay here until 3:30 because that’s when the first bus comes. But, I get a few extra minutes in my day then. I did need to stop at Michael’s at some point….