You Knew That Already, Right?

Apparently, my hairstyle means [link removed]:

Long hair can have multiple meanings. Many women believe that long hair makes them more sexually appealing, but it can also show a bohemian spirit or a need for freedom.

Unfortunately, all the drinks listed later in the article are not ones I would order. And I couldn’t determine if my handwriting was “rounded” or “loopy” or “connected.”

Also, apparently I have decorated my cubicle as if I’m staying there forever and love my family and friends, but the stack of Post-Its (currently 10 separate stacks in 7 colors) mean that I’m feeling overwhelmed. Maybe that’s because none of my co-workers have willingly picked up the phone in two weeks. Or… no, let me refrain from ranting. Just imagine I did and let’s move on.

2 whole classes of my Wednesday night class left, and I am so happy about that. There are no more assignments to turn in, which means my grade is basically done (except that she has to actually hand some stuff back and grade our portfolios which are due today). I am exceedingly displeased with her grading and if things get any worse, I’m going to have to tell her so. I wouldn’t usually, because I hate confrontation, but there are a few things that might push me over the edge: 1) she said herself that 100% of a student’s success lies in the teacher, 2) I am an A student with a 4.0 GPA and yet she continues to give me scores in the low B range, and 3) it’s just really ticking me off, and is getting to be obvious that she doesn’t like me, and that it’s affecting how she has graded some of my more subjective pieces. Boo on that. However, the woman terrifies me. I guess it’ll come to pass if I get to the “what do I have to lose” point. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.