Yesterday, while lying in bed trying to find motivation to crawl out and into the shower, I remembered something glorious that I had forgotten about all weekend long. Today is a holiday. To be specific, a state and federal holiday (important distinctions: federal holidays mean that federal offices are closed and there is no mail delivery, while state holidays mean that I don’t have to work). Yay! So, armed with the knowledge that I wouldn’t have to do it again the next morning, I got myself out of bed and ready for the day.

And now, for the numbers:

  • This year’s Veteran’s Day happens to be the 36th anniversary of my parent’s wedding.
  • It is also the date that one of my co-workers started working for the State (though that must not be right, since it’s a holiday, but we’ll let it slide since he has a TBI – traumatic brain injury).
  • 12 days ago (Halloween, specifically), was the 6th anniversary of when I started working for the state.
  • In 20 days, we celebrate the 7th anniversary of my moving to Minnesota.
  • There are 3 state holidays in November, making it the happiest month ever.
  • There are two sessions of my Wednesday night class left.
  • I need to get a 45/50 on my portfolio and 25/30 on our group presentation to get a 90% in the class (assuming that I got 10/10 on the summative essay).
  • My other class goes through December 11th, and I have about 2/3rds of a book left to read and one paper to write. Yay! I will survive this semester!
  • One month from tomorrow is ‘s second birthday! Amazing, isn’t it?
  • It was approximately one billion degrees in the office when I got in at 7:20. It is slowly cooling down and may now be somewhere slightly under 80*.

Today, I will be sleeping in (ever so thankful for the scheduled posting options in WordPress that mean I can write this in advance), doing some homework, and experiencing Tuesday Tag Sale at Goodwill during the daytime hours.